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#1 2014-10-01 16:29:42

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New Features


Since I code in PHP will start off this upgrade to the current code base.

Adding the following features to Serposcope:

  • New Group/Edit Group Page, Will add "Domain type" field with mods to Domain for one-to-one domain to type entries instead of list style. Domain type can be: a.) Site, b.) Landing Page, c.) AD site/page,

  • Group Page: Table option:

  • Export: Send processing to the new Import/Export Page (Export selected),

  • Force Run: Will change to stop any currently running jobs and restart,

    • Will add columns for Domain and Domain Type. Will allow view of all domains under group instead of just one as currently configured,

    • Will add column for Page for URL of actual page getting rank.  Will mod process to catch multiple pages with rank,

    • Will add column for Page Weight, will have to add validator processing for this,

    • Will add column(s) for Change, to show changes from previous report(s),

    • Will add column(s) for Bing ranking and change, if selected in new processing,

  • Group Page: Chart option:

    • Add radio select for horizontal from date to keyword (by alpha sort),

    • Show all keywords on chart, in keyword mode to the same color,

    • Add additional domains to same chart with different colors for each domain.

  • Logs Page: Add "View" column to allow report view from this page,

  • Proxies/Run Processing: Since system will run without the setup of a proxy, will add "if" to code to eliminate errors.  While change blank proxy setting to Warning that proxy setup is preferred.

  • Options: Will add radio buttons for:

    • Google,

    • Bing,

    • Both.

        Fields will collapse is both not selected, so only entries to search engine specified are required.  Will also add the supporting processing changes for these,

  • Import Page: Will change/add the following:

    • Text, will add text to "Source type" dropdown selection and processing for it,

    • Excel, will add Excel to "Source type" dropdown selection and processing for it. Will import/include PHPExcel libraries for all Excel functions. Will possibly need to either change docs with PHPExcel as requirement/dependency or modify install code to find and install PHPExcel,

    • Change Menu to "Import/Export",

    • Change Export Processing from Group Page to this new Import/Export Page (Export selected),

    • Will add radio buttons for "Import" and "Export",

    • Will add processing to replace "Browse" line/fields with "Group" dropdown and "Log" for report date,

    • Will change "Import" button to "Run" button,

  • RUN ALL: Will open new page to allow run options of:
        Run with search engines

    • Google,

    • Bing,

    • Both.

        Run to Export of:

    • CSV,

    • Excel,

    • Text.


Have limited time, so will work these one-by-one, probably is easiest to hardest order. 

Will appreciate any help with these!




#2 2014-10-02 13:46:48

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Re: New Features

Thanks, if you want to contribute on serposcope, don't use the forum, but prefer the github repository : there is everything here, issue tracker etc.

If you wan't to improve serposcope by submitting patch, you first have to learn how git and github works.


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