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#1 2022-02-24 14:28:49

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Tool gets stuck


We have been using serpo for a few years now, a good tool. But for a week we have a major problem.
Every night, Serpo reads the position of the keywords but it blocks between 15-30%. from that moment, it will do 1% every 15 minutes.
If we stop the service and restart the keyword analysis, it will move forward 5-10% max only to get stuck again.
we analyze again and again the logs, but nothing in particular stands out to give us a lead.
No one has encountered this same type of problem? Any ideas?

Thanks to all smile

I have about 7500 words, I use 100 proxies (50 fixed and 50 that renew every month).

Config Serpo 2.15.0 :
CaptchaSolver: 2captcha + Deathbycaptcha
Cron time 04:00
BDD size : 15Gb
Limit of the history 365
Number of pages to consult at each request : 1
Results per page
Pause time 60-120 seconds.
Maximum threads 20

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#2 2022-06-25 04:59:24

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Re: Tool gets stuck

stuck at 0%


#3 2022-06-28 10:24:15

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Re: Tool gets stuck

See here on the topic, give a solution that works. … 1152880949
I don't know why the developer of the program left it without support, I guess it doesn't bring him money and he doesn't care, but it's better to charge an annual fee and I'm sure most will pay to use the program. The idea of this software is wonderful, best made up of all such.


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