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#1 2019-08-20 09:47:32

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Serposcope on Raspberry Pi4 : too many captchas/cookie rejected

Hi guys,

my problem is related to my serposcope instance on a raspberry pi 4.
I set up serposcope on raspbian and switched to mysql (mariaDB).
My settings to test are:

4 keywords
80 Proxies
2 Minutes delay
80 threads
3 fetch retries
desktop, spain

When i check keywords now it takes like 3 minutes and gets 4-5 captchas by google (solved by anticaptcha).
We use other instances on windows10 pcs with over 4000 keywords and it usually takes about an hour with 100-200 captchas, so like 5% captcha rate while the pi is at 100% captchas.

Of course many rejectes cookies like:

[2019-08-20 11:09:38,086] [google-0] WARN  o.a.h.c.p.ResponseProcessCookies - Cookie rejected [CGIC="", version:0,, path:/complete/search, expiry:Sun Feb 16 10:09:37 CET 2020] Illegal 'path' attribute "/complete/search". Path of origin: "/search"

My first idea was the java version on the pi, so i switched from openjdk9 to oraclejdk8, the same as the other pcs are running. But sadly this had no effect at all.

Anyone here who has an idea why google hates raspberrys? smile
What could be the difference which triggers google so much?

Thanks in advance
Best regards


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