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#1 2019-02-13 01:02:21

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Error with some proxies

Hello there!

I have serposcope up and running. Tried some searchs with my ip, all good. Anyway, I have around 130 proxies that I use with other software and I want to add them to serposcope. Somehow, I always get an ERROR in the checking process. There is IP, PORT, USER and PASS (http or socks, works both).

All of them are getting ERROR.

I'm using a raspberry pi and at the same time I'm using pi-hole here, not sure if this is related or not. I tested disabling pi-hole for some minutes but same result. Checked de DNS petitions for the checker and it was all good. As I said, I'm using the proxies somewhere else so they are working.

Some help would be appreciated.

Last version of serposcope. Last version of java. Log:

[2019-02-13 01:23:36,497] [pool-15-thread-2] INFO  c.s.s.t.p.ProxyChecker - checking proxy:http://IP/
No error msg in log.


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