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#1 2017-06-23 15:08:28

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format of GOOGLE_SERP blob field


i want to work in php with the data stored in the GOOGLE_SERP serp (blob) field but i cant get the data properly extracted.
I looked allready in the corresponding java classes but my understanding of java is too basic.

I tried:
data export in php with and without serialize
mysql data export ->tried data with and without decompress
tried to convert directly via mysql
tried different decodings base64 even utf8

cant get the data properply
Output is like :
A? e?k?? ??"Gu <? ?n-/331258576697?7$Nw?hornbach? a"U? P/S144``tikell? ?0#4U7?manufact?E0tat??-c180568?8%X;!ha??8 ce?G?

Does anyone have an idea?

sorry for my writing, i'm not a native speaker.


PS:what do you think to put an (optional) additional field in the result list to insert the amount of monthly google searches. I think it would be nice to see how the ranking is compared to the amount of searches.


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