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#1 2016-01-09 10:12:00

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Just a thanks

Just wanted to post a big thanks, I've been using SEOPanel for years and been manually extracting the data into a spreadsheet to generate full graphs and even red/greening improvements and drops... I've installed and using Serposcope, and it does everything I've already been doing out of the box!!!

Needing to configure proxies or captchasolver is a little annoying, I don't know how seopanel gets around that, but it would be worth a look because that's the only hurdle I've seen so far.

Otherwise, exactly what I need, so thank you!


#2 2016-01-09 10:49:50

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Re: Just a thanks

Proxies and captchasolver are not mandatory, you can check without them but it may fail if you check too much keyword with a too lower pause between request to Google.

Thank you. I'm glad serposcope fit your needs, if you want to help you can talk about it and share it on your blog/social network smile


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