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#1 2016-12-17 19:06:49

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Way of checking / seeing the results...


It's me again wink. When i am clicking on a group...then on the left you can:

Search a group
Current group keyword
Current group website

When i am clicking on a keyword (Current group keyword) i am getting:

Oops. The requested route cannot be found.
Back to homepage

Also when i am first selecting a website.

But that's not my question. I was always using Cuterank and i think a lot of people are searching for an alternative, now it's not working anymore (good and not that expensive). But the good thing about Cuterank was that you could see your rankings really fast. On the left side i had:
keyword a1
keyword a2
keyword b2
keyword b3

On the right side you saw a big graph and underneath it: current rank, previous rank, change, best etc.

I could use my "arrow down" on my keyboard to go to the next website / keyword (did not matter which group). So i only had to press one key and i saw immidiately the chart etc.

In serposcope the navigation is a little bit less logic. Let's say i have 100 websites with 2 keywords each and sometimes 10 keywords. The keywords are not the same. So then i have to make 100 groups and for every group a website and also the keywords.

How can i check everything fast like in Cuterank? In serposcope there is a homepage, but it's showing the group. Is it not better to show there all the keywords seperately with own chart etc.?

Now i have to do the following (i wanna see the charts for each keyword and my default display mode is chart):

1. Clicking on group (for example one website with 2 keywords)
2. If it would work i could select on the left a keyword and i can see the chart.
3. Then i can select a different keyword and i can see that chart.

NOTE: I think it would be much faster and better to (also) make just a button where you can click on to go to the next. Page navigation is also not working with search fields, because it's just not really nice to work with for that kind of things (usually you have AND page navigation AND a search field).

But the biggest problem i want to go to a next keyword, but in a different group.
1. First i have to "Search a Group" and click on it
2. Then i have to search for that keyword.

So for example to make it easy to understand: if someone has 100 groups, 100 websites, 100 keywords...then everytime he has to:

- search the group
- search the keyword

etc. It's a pretty slow process. It would be much faster to just make a button somewhere (that stays on the same place) with: NEXT or something like that. Maybe even with a key shortcut, so it's fast and easy to navigate (even between groups). Cuterank did that really great! After Cuterank i saw a lot of different serp software, but non of them were that user friendly.

Maybe i'm just doing it wrong, but then i would like to hear how i could navigate better and faster. And otherwise i would love to see it a bit different in a next version.

And one more thing: now you can choose to see a chart, but it would be nice if there was 1 rule underneath the graph / chart:

Current Rank | Previous rank | Change | Best

And then the text in "Change" green or red.


#2 2016-12-31 10:52:25

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Re: Way of checking / seeing the results...

I don't have an answer for you and am just beginning to use Serposcope. However from the get-go I am planning to populate the serposcope mysql data from my laravel application, and also planning to pull in that same data and display it in my own dashboard where I'll have full control over the table design. So actually it would be very helpful to me, and perhaps to serphacker, if you could post some screenshots of the preferred table design for managing large lists of groups, websites and keywords, which is also what I'm going to be dealing with. If you wouldn't mind smile


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