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#1 2016-07-12 14:22:57

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Export Bug : can't select daterange (2.5.1)

A big thanks for this nice update, really great UI and export function is really helpfull.

But i have one thing. If i export current date settings i got the default range between the displayed date on serposcope. If i change date range between january to march i got the same export (the default one) not my selected range. Is this a bug or just because its a different of the old version to the new version?

answer from the support:
Indeed I confirm there is a bug. We have allready a fix for it. ¦


#2 2016-07-13 11:36:02

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Re: Export Bug : can't select daterange (2.5.1)

This issue will be fixed in the next release, here is a "hack" to export a specific date range :

1/ Select the date range when you are on the table view, you should have an URL like this : hxxp://
2/ Replace display=table by display=export et voilà.


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