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#1 2016-03-21 21:09:12

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Using LOCAL targeting on Import Bulk of keywords

Dear Team,

First off my sincere compliments for this tool. I am deeply impressed, having worked with WebCEO, SEOMoz, and SERanking in the past. It was my need for a lot of keywords which made all the others totally unaffordable. What a joy to discover yours. When our testing is done and we truly start using it, I will certainly make a donation.

We have need for bulk importing keywords or search terms. AND we would love to use your LOCAL feature which allows to see how Google would actually rank that search term in a very specific locale.

Example string...

Keyword/searchTerm = Edmonton BC Water Well
TLD = ca
datacenter = ---- we don't need this, or think we don't need this (correct/teach me if I am wrong) ---
device = DESKTOP
local = Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
custom parameters = ---none---

The above, when I place this in the Bulk Import, also works with comma-separation.

Example = Edmonton BC Water Well,com,,DESKTOP,Edmonton,Alberta,Canada,

HOWEVER, the above (due to the comma separation) results in local = Edmonton. And the Customer parameter becomes Alberta.

Alternatively, I can replace the commas in Edmonton,Alberta,Canada with spaces.

In that case, the local will be Edmonton Alberta Canada (missing the commas).

*** QUESTION: What do you recommend? How can I best add a value of LOCAL in the Bulk Import window?

Awaiting your wisdom, with warm regards,



#2 2016-03-22 06:44:50

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Re: Using LOCAL targeting on Import Bulk of keywords

Hi, thank you for your compliments, they are always welcome.

Bulk import is a csv import. You just need to surround with double-quotes :



#3 2016-03-22 15:02:21

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Re: Using LOCAL targeting on Import Bulk of keywords

Import now works 100%: Thanks so much!!


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